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OneSource Cable TV is 100% digital for the best quality picture available.   Our complete channel lineup includes more than 385 channels including digital music channels, Pay Per View, Video on Demand and 113 High Definition channels.   Our easy-to-use on screen guide allows you to view schedules, search for programs and block specific programming using parental controls. 


BASIC CABLE $ 22.95/mo.

Over 100 channels of local access, weather, educational programming, Pay Per View and digital music.

Add a High Definition Set Top Box and get 14 High Definition channels!


Over 190 channels including all of the Basic Cable programming plus movies, sports, news and children’s programming

Add a High Definition Set Top Box and get 52 High Definition channels!

$ 75.95/mo.  

Over 270 channels including all of the Expanded Basic Cable programming plus movies, sports, special interest programming and music video programming.

Add a High Definition Set Top Box and get 73 High Definition channels!

$ 107.95/mo. 

Over 350 channels including all of the Digital Vision programming plus Cinemax, Showtime and Starz/Encore

Add a High Definition Set Top Box and get 105 High Definition channels!





HDTV Package $10.95/mo.



Multi-Room DVR Service                                       $9.95/mo


Set Top Boxes

  • 1st Standard Set Top Box (STB) or CableCARD
$ 0.00
  • Additional Standard STB
$ 4.95/mo
  • High Definition STB
$ 9.95/mo
  • High Definition DVR STB
$ 12.95/mo
  • Additional CableCARD
$ 3.95/mo


Premium Movie Channels:

  • Cinemax Package (12 Channels plus 6 HD)

$ 10.95/mo. 

  • HBO Package (14 Channels plus 10 HD)

$ 21.95/mo. 

  • Showtime/TMC Package (22 Channels plus 10 HD)

$ 12.95/mo.

  • STARZ/Encore Package (26 Channels plus 6 HD)

$ 12.95/mo.

Rates are subject to change and exclude applicable taxes and fees.

Cable TV programming is 100% digital and requires a set top box or CableCard for each TV – additional rental charges may apply. All OneSource Cable TV service packages include Digital Music Channels, Pay Per View and Video On Demand.

Cable TV programming and content availability are subject to change

HDTV set top boxes are required to view OneSource HDTV programming.  Additional rental charges apply for use of HDTV and HD/DVR set top boxes. 

Mutli-Room DVR Service requires Multi-Room Enabled DVR(s) and HD Receiver(s).  Additional rental charges may apply.