Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Please call Customer Service at 817-745-3000 if you have any questions.

Fiber internet service is the fastest, and most reliable internet service available in the world today. Fiber optics powers the entire internet public domain and infrastructure. This includes homes, businesses, mobile networks, corporations, data centers, government. All internet traffic terminates on fiber optic services.

Payments can be made online on our website or by mail. Since we are a local provider, payments can be made in person at our office located at 4800 Keller Hicks Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76244.

For years, internet providers have sold services based on speeds rated in megabits per second. 1 gigabit is 1000 megabits. A typical DSL home connection operates at 10 Mbps. A fiber connection is 100 times faster than a typical DSL connection. In fact, we have trouble slowing it down, not speeding it up.

Installation typically requires two site visits. One visit to run fiber optics into your home, and one visit for our installation technician to configure the system. A fiber optic line or "drop" must be buried across your property and into your home.

We offer 1-year and 2-year contracts. We are making an investment to bring fiber internet into your home, so we are looking to recoup that investment. However, we know you will be a long-term customer once it's there. If you need out of your contract for some unforeseen reason, we can work with you with appropriate notice. Call our Customer Service department at 817-745-3000 for more information.

Most issues with fiber internet service are caused by the equipment at your home. Generally, there is a wireless modem/router that is the culprit of the problem. We recommend rebooting your wireless modem/router before giving us a call. We can help you troubleshoot from there.

It depends on the desired internet speed available to your service address. The price can be between $49.95 and $99.95 per month for our fiber internet service with different prices between these two plan prices. There are additional prices for modems/routers, cable TV services, and telephone services based on the desired plan and features. We are competitively priced and fair with all our services. Plan pricing doesn't include government or state taxes, or other fees that may be assessed by us or regulatory bodies.

You can use your own modem/router. We recommend using a newly purchased, updated modem/router to provide the fastest and most reliable connections to your devices using our internet service.

We are actively building and constructing in new service areas, communities, and subdivisions. We build and construct where there is demand for our services. Contact our Customer Service department at 817-745-3000 and provide your service address to see if we currently service your address. If we currently don't service your address, asked to be placed in our presignup waiting list if you're located in one of our active builds or in our out of service area list. It is a process to invest in new subdivisions but if there is sufficient demand, we will build and construct to offer our services to your community!

We will offer you a service-based credit depending on your existing contract. It depends on the value of the contract that you have however, we will work with you to ease the cost in terminating your existing contract so you can have the fastest, most reliable internet on the market today with us!